Keep your viewers during breaks.

Mini games and interactive ads that can be played by an entire live stream audience.
Don't lose your viewers due to breaks, countdowns or pause screens.

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Keep your audience entertained

Streambreak offers a collection of mini games that can be played by thousands of live stream viewers simultaneously. Instead of a pause screen or commercial break, StreamBreak comes in play.

Broadcasters can choose a game, link it to their stream and let their entire audience play together.


Keep your viewers entertained and busy during breaks.


Create interactive halftime shows or ads that engage your audience.


Upgrade ads into interactive and fun experiences.

Upcoming features

Customize & Brand

Add your own logos, sound effects or memes. Definitely Memes.

Community Highscores

Let your viewers compete for points! Introduces new ways for community interaction and give aways.


It’s always good to know the numbers!

Bits and Sparks

Viewers will be able to spend platform specific currencies to unlock fancy things!

Super Easy Setup – Ready in 10s

  1. Sign in
  2. Choose a mini game
  3. Press play!

Our software takes care of everything in the background and connects your stream to the game.

If you have any questions or would like to contact us, please do it! Every feedback, question, comment or request is appreciated.

Vienna - Austria