Keep your viewers
during breaks

Minigames and interactive ads which are played by an entire live stream audience.

Don't lose your viewers due to breaks, countdowns or pause screens.

Works great with twitch
StreamBreak Twitch Extension Winner 1. Place Award 2019

Let your viewers play

StreamBreak offers a collection of minigames that can be played together by your viewers. Instead of a pause screen or a commercial break, StreamBreak comes in play.

Ludes Gameplay

Designed for live streams

Pit chaos vs democracy in action games or engage your viewers with a tough quiz.

Ludes Gameplay

Dashboard, Highscores & Analytics

The StreamBreak Dashboard provides insights about your viewers, enables giveaways and new ways to interact with your community.

Super Easy Setup - Ready in 30s

  1. Download the StreamBreak Launcher
  2. Optimize your preferences
  3. Press play and keep your community entertained!
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Upcoming Features


Bits & Sparks

Viewers will be able to spend platform specific currencies and unlock fancy things!


Games, Games & Games!

Stay tuned for upcoming releases. Game Developer? Check out our SDK



Enabling new ways for community interaction and giveaways.



Create interactive halftime shows or ads that engage your audience.



Upgrade ads into interactive and fun experiences. Learn more